Red Engine: Authentic vintage-inspired American jeans.

Designed and crafted by long time denim enthusiasts Jim Boldes and Kristy Harlan, Red Engine has achieved cult status among denim connoisseurs who demand the very best from their jeans, inside and out. Our denim line is based on the consistent quality, feel and “cool” of vintage denim, and is continually refreshed with updated fits and styles.

Constantly searching out the world’s finest denim, we import only the best fabrics from Europe and Japan and produce the line entirely in Los Angeles. By producing it locally, Red Engine is involved in all aspects of design, development and production. This ensures the highest quality possible, and that our jeans are the best on the planet!

In an era of mass-production and non-exclusivity, Red Engine is committed to creating a unique and focused line, and to making it exceptionally well. Totally new and distinctive washes are introduced often and each pair of Red Engine jeans is detailed and finished entirely by hand, making each pair an individual work of art. The delicious result is a line that features cutting-edge wash techniques, contemporary fits for all types of bodies and unique finishes.

All this non-stop attention to detail allows Red Engine to deliver a collection of jeans, skirts, shorts and jackets infused with passion that fits great, looks amazing and feels exceptional from the inside out.

Made for you with in Los Angeles, California